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World Class Consultant Services in Energy and Electricity

Electrical issues have become increasingly complex, from the primary energy issues which is the upstream of the electricity business to the management of end users which is the downstream of the electricity business.

Recognizing those complexity, PT Quadran Energi Rekayasa was founded by those who had studied in the Laboratory of Electrical Power and Distribution Systems, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics in Bandung Institute of Technology. PT Quadran Energi Rekayasa, which based in West Java, is the answer for academics/scholars and engineers to various energy and electricity issues in Indonesia



    We say what we do and do what we say, and deliver on commitments.


    We accept responsibility for delivering result.


    We embrace the need for continuous improvement and never get too comfortable with the status quo.


    We subordinate our personal agendas for the greater benefit of our team.


    We treat others the way we want to be treated.


Energy Economics

Energy and sustainability; how to meet the needs of our society without compromising the rights of future generations ?

Assessment & Audit

Audit and assessment of existing electrical power system should be done to know how the existing system related to capability, operability, […]

Management & Policy Studies

We dedicated to serve public and private institutions with allknowledge, skills and experiences that we use to give a solution

Electrical Power System Study

Sustainable energy is very important in the power system. However, the stability, availability, reliability, and other aspects […]

Engineering Design

Engineering design can be classified in basic design engineering and detail engineering design (DED).

Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance is intended to assist operational and maintenance facility/installation/equipment […]

IT and IS Solutions

We are your one-stop IT solutions services provider to to solve problems in your business.

Construction Management

Regarding carrying out the project, it shall provide the appropriate project management construction (PMC)

Marine Cable Installation

Building cable systems using innovative engineering resources


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