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Quadran Mikro Elektronika Cerdas


Q-MICRO ELECTR CERDAS is a part of Quadran Energi. Our experience is wide and varied in the Electronics arena, from Test and Measurement to Semiconductors. Because of our backgrounds, we offer our customers expertise in the industry that differs from typical sales representative organizations. We consider ourselves an extension of the manufacturers we represent, and pride ourselves in offering our customers a high level of technical expertise in all of the products we represent.


  • Dr. Ir. Nanang Hariyanto, MT
  • Kastam Astami, Ph.D
  • Arfan Hakim, ST.
  • Nana Sujana, ST.
  • Muhamad Rois, ST.
  • Anindito Alfaritsi, ST.
  • Praja Sunaryana, ST.


Electronic Instrument Design provides a coherent and integrated presentation of the design process, connecting engineering principles to real applications from a systems perspective.

With a high level of competence and many years of experience in software and hardware development, we then develop innovative products in close partnership with our customers.

The development processes integrated in our approach are software implementation, hardware implementation, hardware-software co-design, and optimized application mapping.

Electric power and energy measurements are probably the most important and critical measurements in power systems, since they are used to quantify every energy transactions and assign an economical value to energy flowing through a given section of the grid.

we offer an integrated digitalization concept that brings intelligence to power distribution by using data consistently and with support from software and apps. We provide infrastructure systems with a simple gateway to digitalization that benefits them throughout all phases, from planning and implementation to operation.

Electrical power systems within the oil, gas, petrochemical and offshore industries have significantly different engineering characteristics to a typical power utility plant and associated consumers of electricity. We provide design documentation and specification, field measurement devices, control elements, condition and machine monitoring,  actuators, control valves, severe service valves, solenoids, hydraulics, testing and calibration, wireless instrumentation, instrument fittings etc.

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