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Globalization, the development of technology, and the growing of variety terrains and actors involved in the development encourage many aspect to improve their quality and competitiveness.


MANAGEMENT AND POLICY STUDIES is part of Quadran Energi Rekayasa that engaged in organization, management, policy, public services, and also strategic planning in the public and private sectors.

Need Some Help in Your Business? We dedicated to serve public and private institutions with allknowledge, skills and experiences that we use to give a solution and innovation for any problems and challenges that our clients need to solve.

We has been active in the public and private services in Indonesia. Since we established, the management has committed to take first priority on overall professional performance to achieve the highest possible management standard, whilst meeting all the requirement of reliability to meet client’s satisfaction.

We provide your needs in various matters related social field such as, public policy, management, organizational, and public/customer service.

Our group founded in 2008, and officially joined Quadran Energi Rekayasa in 2016. We are trusted in our group as source of analysis and consultation on social, economic, policy and  others public related issues. We have served various type of companies and government institutions, and we plan to add further our range of services and get experience as many as possible. Our team and partners consist of individuals with excellent abilities, adequate skills, high work ethic and accountable academic background.

Management and Policy Studies is engaged in organization, management, policy, public services, and also strategic planning in the public and private sectors. Analyzing and implementing policy, assisting the regulation and addressing relations with private sectors, government officials, community, and non-governmental organizations are our expertise. We dedicated to serve with all knowledge, skills and experiences that we use to give a solution and innovation. By using comprehensive approach and method, we provide critical analyze to solve our partner’s problem challenges. So, we ensure that the quality of work is a priority of our group with promising responsibilities and readiness.


  • Senior Expert :

    • Ahmad Zaini Miftah, S.IP., M.AP. (Ph.D Candidate from Padjadjaran University and Tohoku University)
    • Syarifah Amelia, ST., MT. (Ph.D Candidate from ITB)
    • Novia Hafnidah, S.IP., M.AB (Ph.D Candidate from SBM ITB)

    Expert :

    • M. Ajie Raharjo, S.IP. (Master DegreeCandidate in State Development Administration)
    • Ismi Istikomah, S.IP (Master DegreeCandidate in Finance Management)
    • Chomariyana, S.IP (Master DegreeCandidate in Development Study)


Policy and system analysis

We are expert of studying a procedure or business process in order to solve the problem that breaks down the system into its component pieces. So we could identify its goals and purposes, then create the compatible system and policy.

Organization and management

Assessing the need of the organization and making the prospective strategy. It requires the efficient use of resources combined with the certain procedure, norms and anything in order to reach a specific organizational.

Public service and quality

Ensuring the satisfaction and trust of people by delivering standardized and better performance of service. Monitoring and evaluation process is essential with the right method of assessment.


Policy and System Analysis

  • Regulation Making
  • Policy and regulation
  • System and Program Design
  • Program Evaluation

Organization and Management

  • Strategic Planning
  • Enterprises Planning and Evaluation
  • Operational and Management Procedure

Public Service and Quality Management

  • Public Service Quality Improvement
  • Cost Analysis
  • Survey

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